Please enjoy the photo's of people partying and having a good time with Still Cruzin. We must warn you that party goers can be seen singing, dancing and or loosing their minds with joy and laughter while hanging out with the band. Still Cruzin is an interactive party band that wants you to have a great time, build memories, and take photo's to share with friends and family. Remember there.. "Ain't No Party Like a Still Cruzin Party".. If this kind of joy, laughter, and partying is for you then click the Still Cruzin Logo to inquire about the band's rates, availibilty, and booking. Please inquire as soon as you can for we have started booking for the 2014 and 2015. Thank you so much for considering Still Cruzin.. Be sure to scroll to down the page for there are party pics, wedding pics, and fraturnity and sorority pics as well. Make sure to check back for we continue to add new pics and audio..